Referal Prizes Event

First of all, this is the link used to create accounts to participate on this event:

Remember every account created with that link will get a 2x exp scroll code sent to the e-mail of the registered account.

Also every time 1 account has been created with that link and a character reached level 10, i will get 1 point. Depend the points the prizes are better:

Recruiter – 1 point:
2x EXP Scroll
(i will send 1 for each account that reaches level 10 with one character)

Three’s a Party – 3 points:
(2) Magic Chests of Change

Friends, Glorious Friends – 5 points:
(2) Alchemist Jars
Express Booster Pack

Wolf Packing – 10 points:
Pro Booster Pack

Leader of Men – 15 points:
Elite Booster Pack

Magic Touch – 25 points:
Meilin Avatar Package

Is This Real Life? – 50 points:
Roselle Vergerius Avatar

Golden Seal – 100 points:
Roselle – Black Queen Costume
Meilin – Sky Blue Bird Costume

Legend – 500 points:
(50) Poison’s Secret Boxes
(2) Extreme Booster Kit

How the event works:
1. For now i will only send items as far as the 50 points (last pize is Roselle creator). This is because the low amount of people participating and if in the future there will be more participants then i’ll raise the “cap” of the prizes.
2. Prizes will be sent once 50 points have been reached. After that i’ll “reset” the event and start from 0 again to be able to send again more prizes (i will call this a “round”).
3. Prices will always be 1 of each type for each round, that’s the max the system allows.
4. The winners will be completely random, and any server can participate in this event.
5. The winners will be contacted via PM on the PWE forum so i can know to wich character i must send the items.
6. All the items from 3 to 50 points will be given. I can’t give exp scrolls because the items are transfered first to my account and those scrolls can’t be traded nor sent to other players.
7. Only accounts created through the previous link AND reached level 10 with at least 1 character (any, it don’t matters wich one it is or even if it’s an avatar) will be eligible to win any of the items.

I’ll keep updated the following information.

-Amount of characters that has reached level 10:
4 of 9.

-Total of points:

EDIT: FiveOVER suggested to reset every 25 points instead of 50, this would leave the Roselle creator out but there will be more things to give this way. So i’ll add this poll, once we reach 25 points if there are more votes into 25 points than 50 then i’ll reset at 25, if there are more on 50 then i’ll reset at 50 points.


7 responses to “Referal Prizes Event

    • Nope sorry, only 1 of each, and i’m thinking on only doing it until 50 points then start it again so i keep giving more creators, wich is what is easier to get/people is interested in it. What everyone gets from that link 100% is 1 code for a 2x exp scroll.

    • At first i thought something like an event to send me a certain amount of items and the first one gets it.
      But then i remembered that in my account at the referal page i can get a list of everyone who has reached lvl 10 so i decided that i’ll pick a random player of those to give the prizes.
      Also, any player from any server can get the prizes.

  1. A suggestion if you will.
    Why not reset every 25 points?
    People who get Meilin can easily trade for a Roselle
    and if its is reset at 25 people can get the chances of getting both the booster packs and avatar creators.

  2. People may have forgotten this event, so why don’t you try to share this again to get more participants? It’s just a suggestion

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