Manual Patch (11-04-2013) – OUTDATED

Since PWE updated their client this manual patch is outdated, don’t use it unless you have problems with the current client and know what you are replacing. The only thing i can recomend is to download the new client and for any problems that it can have, ask for help in the Rusty Hearts PWE forum or send a ticket to support since i won’t be updating the manual patch anymore.

First some things:
-This patch is meant to be able to update the latest client from PWE page without the need of downloading the files through the launcher.
-This will only update the game, not bugs (they’ll remain the same until PWE fixes them).
-I’ll try to update this as soon as i can everytime there is an update.
-If you still have problems after using this then you have no other choice but to send a ticket to PWE for assistance


1. If you have the game installed, uninstall it and delete the Perfect World Entertainment folder located at “C:\” or the location you installed the game (you can leave the screenshot folder if you want to save it).
2. Download and install the latest client from the oficial page
3. DO NOT run the game.
4. Download and uncompress theses files with Winrar or any tool you may use:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
5. Copy and overwrite all the files inside the folder “C:\Perfect World Entertainment\Rusty Hearts” or the location you installed the game with the previous files you uncompressed.
6. Run MPatcher.exe and it will start to patch.
7.Download this file and repeat steps 5 and 6.!ZwkDiBZA!GFgF_0mVQcYYfG8xKWh2eh6hHMQTH3cMC6S1nQdv9OE
8. Play and have fun.


108 responses to “Manual Patch (11-04-2013) – OUTDATED

  1. The file you attempted to download is an archive that is part of a set of archives. MediaFire does not support unlimited downloads of split archives and the limit for this file has been reached. MediaFire understands the need for users to transfer very large or split archives, up to 10GB per file, and we offer this service starting at $1.50 per month.

  2. didn’t work :/ Looks like such a fun game, but it’s taking me so long to even get it working, I’m thinking it’s no longer worth it :/

    Thanks anyway tho!

  3. Thanks for this helpful post but I’m having a hard time downloading the file. Whenever I start the Putlocker Downloader it stopped working. I also try it on another pc but same result. Do you have any mirror link ?

    thanks in advance !

  4. Not really urgent, but since I have a terrible internet connection and direct download always get corrupted halfway, is it okay to ask for a torrent download? The DDL from depositfiles is not yet done, but I highly doubt it would work because I’ve been suffering this you-will-never-ask-for-this internet connection for years. If you ever upload it through torrent, please do tell me so! 😀

  5. I’m about to try this patch work? Thanks for all the help you’ve given good forum! I’ll add on FB to fc perhaps aid more rapid post without waiting for an answer here and eagerly each day to play a damn minute this great game ^ ^ ….

    PS: I had to translate everything from English to Spanish and Spanish to English in order to write this post ¬ ¬ *

  6. wow qye pronta fu tu respuesta, espero verte dentro del juego y que me enseñes lo basico, te felicito por tu foro, en el unico por el cual encontre la solucion a mi maldito problema

  7. Hi, I just downloaded the files but i dont know if it is a problem but it is just 1 file called E508852DFD9AE607 and the other is DC5B81269ABE57CF, the imagen of those is just a piece of paper white, i dont know if there was supossed to be more files or just those, If so, I just have to put these files in rusty hearts folder without replacing anything? sORYY, I’m a little noob with this kind of things u.u

  8. Is this the most up to date patch? /Downloading now because ive been having major troubles with the patcher not responding and when it does respond getting that damn file patchlist error thing and just full of errors in general.

  9. OH MEIN GOTT!!!!!!! YOU SIR ARE A LIFESAVER, do you play on the NA server? if you do can you please give me your IGN of your favorite character you play on, YOU SIR DESERVE A REWARD FOR YOUR WORK!!!!!! I CAN PLAY RH AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. need help !! really need help !! i cnt find any of those putlocker or their mirrors…it says error 404 r there anything else ??

  11. Ahh hopefully this works. ill have to download win-rar too. but my computer is brand new built myself so its pretty fast. Really want to play again. havnt been able to play it since i started when the game was still closed beta xD

  12. I’m having a bit of a problem here…the game worked but the sound isn’t there
    I will try to uninstall and install it again, though I don’t know if your patch caused it, and i’m not really sure about part 2, all I did was download it from this launcher from putlocker and just opened it with winRar, I’ll try to do feedback again…

    • Yep, i made it like this so it works with a clean install of the game, that’s why the size is so big. But shouldn’t give any problem only patching the last update.

  13. Hello, I downloaded and used your manual patch but the thing is after I extracted it my patcher still patches. I have no idea of why the patcher still patching a file that has the size of 1975mb.

    • Mediafire has a limit download when files are divided on parts. Some time ago i uploaded the files there and once it reached the limit no one could get them anymore and reuploading the files didn’t work either.
      So no, not uploading there unless that changes.

    • Mmm you are the first one to mention this so no idea. I didn’t modify any of the files to make the patch (all are official files or copied from the folder directly after updating from a fresh install) so if that happens must be some kind of bug.

  14. Any chance for a manual patch for the KR client? There is a timer apparently at the top of the launcher and I can’t finish it in time.

    • Already been asked for that, and no, won’t do it. I also have the timer and the only reason i can update the game is because y always update it when there is a patch.
      The alternative would be to upload the .pck and any other files changed after a patch, and no way i’m going to upload 11+GB every time there is an update/someone needs it with my shitty conection.

      If you can’t update the client, the only things i can tell you to do is close the proxy before start updating so it goes a bit faster. Or update the game with a higher conection speed in a friend’s house, then copy paste the game folder to a drive then to your pc.

          • Well I got to 99% (so messed up lol) before it quit on me. All these files are in the archive folder but sadly the launcher doesn’t resume like PWE does. I’ll just wait and see if they ever update their full client in the future. Thanks anyways man.

    • The only players who registered before November 29 of 2012 can play the game. If you did before that and still can’t play send a ticket, if you did after then wait for the Indonesian server to start the service.

  15. Thank you for uploading this manual patch, Finally was able to get my rusty hearts working :P.
    A question though, Does your launcher stop responding for awhile before it does anythinga fter you hit the gamestart button? Like, Before when i couldnt patch (Giving me multitudes of patching errors) It would stop responding for a few minutes after i hit game start, then start patching then give me errors.
    Now, After i reinstalled to use this manual patch, I hit gamestart, And it stops responding for a few minutes then pops up the server list. Does this happen to you/Have you heard of this happening? Seems like their whole patcher is kinda iffy in general :/

      • Hrmm. Well, My net is pretty bad, But i didnt think that would make the launcher stop responding for a few minutes after I press Game Start. Weird o_o. Also, In game, Dungeons take awhile to load >> So it might be my net, I dunno D:

    • Works for me for both putlocker and depositfiles, try again and check if there is any message about some kind of maintenance or the like. If still don’t works i’ll upload again.

  16. Hello, my friend who had the same issue as me recommended this manual patch and it worked fine for him. However every time I try to extract the files I get a WinRar diagnostics that one of the files has been corrupt and it stops extracting right then. (at least I assume) Specifically this is what it says:

    ! C:\Users\Owner\Documents\RustyMP (31-01-2013).part2.rar: CRC failed in archive\map\raid_dungeon\3\event_camera\plant_boss_appear01.mec.mip. The file is corrupt
    ! C:\Users\Owner\Documents\RustyMP (31-01-2013).part2.rar: Unexpected end of archive

    I tried it several times and it’s always that same file. >_< Could recommend anything to try to fix this?

  17. I download this game from steam and patch is 496mb
    is 496mb are the total size of this 3 part patch? or mix with older patch

    • Són los mismos archivos que el juego usaría con una update normal, así que ilegal no és pero oficial tampoco. Otra cosa, ahora mismo no está actualizado y dentro de un rato subiré el último parche.

  18. HI Bro!
    i have any question??
    i do a things you recommend in this sites ,but when i started launcher.
    the game will not patched ;(
    how can i do???
    BugTrapU.dll not found.

    • First time someone mentions this but looks like that file is just missing.
      Since i have uninstalled the game i can’t upload it, but if you know someone who plays the game you can ask him/her or ask in the forum too if someone can upload it, try that and then copy paste the BugTrapU.dll file on the same folder where the ClientLauncher.exe is, that should fix it unless there is any other problem.

    • Old patches have some old files not needed since they were updated later but if you use the launcher or this patch you will directly use the new ones. Unless any have been changed since i last updated the patch, then the new files will download when you start the game (don’t think there are many if the game don’t gets any updates).

  19. Can i ask a question? Im new in Rusty Hearts Reborn, i just finish downloading the RustyHearts_PWE_Setup_01_AUG_2013.exe i got it from the site. is there a way can you help to LUNCH Rusty hearts? by Step by step to work??

    • Mmm i didn’t know PWE finally updated their client. If it’s from that date the new client should have the latest version, just installing it should be enough.

      If the game runs fine after installing with the new client that means the manual patch from here is not needed anymore since those are files from the previous patches.

  20. gabocha im playing the Game and im level 8 but im having a hard time because of (disconnected from lobby server) when i finish the quest in the Dungeons and i choose Return to town my screen TURNED BLACK and >>(disconnected from lobby server)<< HEMP ME PLEASE. i don't know what to do. My server is WEST.

    im Looking forward to your REPLY. T_T

    • Disconnections are usually either because of the server or your own internet, if you can play any other online games fine then it should be the server. If you try to play again and don’t stops happening after a while you’ll have to send a ticket to support explaining you keep getting disconnected and your internet works fine outside the game

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