I’ve decided…

To quit.

It’s been around half year since i stopped to play, wasn’t sure if to quit or come back but the more the time passed the less i wanted to play Rusty Hearts again. It’s nothing really important, i just got bored of the game and right now i would play anything else rather than come back. I can’t say for sure i won’t come back someday, but the chances of that happening are like for me to win the lottery lol.

This means i won’t post anything else here (more or less the same on the PWE forum, don’t think i’ll post much or anything there unless it’s some kind of randomness), also i won’t delete or change anything from the blog just in case anyone wants to check it for any reason. Same for the youtube channel, i’ll leave those few vids i uploaded there.

I don’t think there is anything else to say… oh yeah, don’t bother to ask for items or money because i quit, if you want something go get it on your own or from someone else :/

So, for any of the current players or new ones to come, hope you have fun on the game in any way you see fitting (but don’t break any rules xD).


Korean update (29-4-2013)

A bit late but here are the notes for the last maintenance:


4월 24일 진행 된 러스티하츠 긴급 점검이 완료 되어
현재 게임 접속 및 플레이가 가능합니다.

[문제 현상 수정 사항]
농장 육성 후 상태 정보가 사라지지 않는 현상 수정
농장 매치에게 무기 제조가 안되는 현상 수정
1레벨 에드가의 스킬이 매직 미사일이 있는 현상 수정
던전 도감에 갈림길 던전이 없는 현상 수정
레이드2 쌍둥이골렘 중 같은 형태(눈 또는 불) 에게 피격시 대미지가 000000 형태로 나오는 현상 수정
위대한 상자 Lv.4-2 개봉시 몇몇 영혼 조각이 1개 나오는 현상 수정
무너진 제단 에서 드랍되는 씨앗 레벨 수정
위대한상자 Lv.4 개봉시 업그레이드 큐브 Lv.2가 습득 되도록 수정
퀘스트가 수주 되지 않는 현상 수정(4월 24일 7시 이후 퀘스트를 수주 하고 완료 하지 않은 상태의 퀘스트 포기 진행)
– 해당 일자 이후 수주를 진행하신 퀘스트의 경우 재 수주가 가능하오니 불편 하시더라도 재 수주 부탁 드립니다.

점검이 완료 되기까지 기다려 주셔서 감사 드리며
더욱 즐거운 플레이를 하실 수 있도록 노력하겠습니다.


스타일리시 액션 MORPG! 러스티하츠!”


Rusty Hearts.

April 24 has been checked, proceed Rusty Hearts emergency
Access and play the game.

[Problem fixes phenomenon]
Fixed a problem status information does not disappear after a farm upbringing.
Fixes a phenomenon weapons do not match the farm.
Modify the phenomenon that Edgar’s skill level 1 Magic Missile
Phenomena that modify the dungeon dungeon illustrated book on the crossroads
Golem Raid 2 twin of the same type (snow or fire) to damage when hit by appearing in the form of 000000: Fixed a problem
Fixed a problem coming out you this some soul pieces gaebongsi the 2 One great box Lv.4-
Modify the level of the seed drop collapsed at the altar.
Modified to acquire a great box Upgrade Lv.4 gaebongsi cube Lv.2
Quest a phenomenon that does not modify the order (orders the quest after 7:00 April 24, and did not complete the quest abandoned in progress)
– In the case of the quests you proceed the order after that date will re-order, ask uncomfortable even if you want to re-order.

Check to complete thank you for your patience.
Hope to be more enjoyable to play.

Thank you.

Stylish action MORPG! Rusty Hearts!”

Fishing & farming systems and equipment

-First fishing:

For this you need to buy a fishing rod from Gustav or Henry, then baits. The baits can be buyed from the same 2 NPC or get them from random drops from monsters in blood modes, there are baits with diferent level ranges and 2 types of each, one type of bait is used every 10 seconds and the other every 7 (no idea if they have the same chances for the items).
Veranda blood mode drops a special type of bait and fishing gives steel, leather, linen, wiseman stones, consumable fish item to recover hp, seeds and mineral water.


For farming you’ll need seeds and mineral water from fishing, each item has diferent levels up to 6. It’s as simple as to plant the seed and use mineral water of the same level until it grows, higher level seeds needs more water.
I’m not sure about this but i think each level can give a diferent set of items, so far i’ve found potions in the lvl 1 seeds, buff scrolls on lvl 2, decent mithril/beroa/silky yarn on lvl 3 and baits at lvl 4.

-About equipments, the Estel raid equipment now has set buffs:


The set increases physical/magic damage and critical power.

-Match weapons:


Match, the NPC from the cemetery is also placed in the garden used for farming. He can craft epic weapons using Estel weapons and enhacement cubes, i still haven’t found where to get these cubes but since he’s in the garden it’s posible for that item to be obtainable through farming.
The weapons are just like Estel weapons with higher stats and no set buffs, so it’s a good choice to use with Estel’s raid armors.