Some new costumes for Japan

They were released 3 days ago but there are 1 more cash costumes for each character in the cash shop for the Japanese server, they can be obtained from random boxes like usual:


Japan update (16-05-2013)

Really small patch but with important content, only a couple things:
-Dead Man’s Valley raid added.
-Leila has been added to the game as another free avatar character.

Of course, there are some costumes for Leila on the cash shop for her release:

Rusty Hearts Japan servers merged and more

Just today the servers Grimoire and Faust where merged into Alcudia (literal translation from Google, maybe Arcadia?). All data like auction, guilds, pvp rankings, etc has been migrated, characters with the same name where modified with temporary names and given a free renaming contract, same for guilds but it’s needed to contact support to change to the desired name.

Diferent events:
-A new bogo event like the usuals has started with extra socket punchers when buying them in the cash shop.

-Ladder pvp event, will have 2 stages, top 10 winners in the ranking on each stage will gain the title BREAKERZ (Physical Attack +150, +150 Magic Attack, +5% critical rate), everyone else who participates will obtain 50 wiseman stones.

-Golden Week event, players who log in will gain free items everyday (revival scrolls, colorful gem boxes, warehouse summon, +50 agument stones), the ones who log in 10 consecutive days will have a chance to gain one of the 30 free skill resets.

-Another bogo wich gives a magic chest of change for costumes when buying random boxes with the following new costumes:

Lastly, a bulletin board has been added to the game website.

Japan update (18-04-2013)

Sega has updated their game with new content, this includes:

-Level cap raised to 45.
-New skills up to lvl 45.
-Barracks town area.
-New dungeons: “Opera House, Gallery, Ramparts, Catwalks, Room of Chaos, Forgotten City”.

Cash shop has been updated, been some time since i last checked so some of these things are from some days ago:

-Uniform costumes (except Leila’s), you can see them here
-Clovis of Altar, can be buyed individualy (unlike the normal clovis) with bonus cash.
-Enhanced level up package (7 and 30 days), it gives this when used:
30% experience increase.
Unlimited item carry weight.
Equipment higher of +3 levels can be carried.
+3 enchant to the equiped items.
+3 slots in auction house.
Discount of half the price to repair fees.
3 consumables of 300 stamina recovery.