Manual patch (31-01-2013)

Added the latest manual patch here:

PWE not updating the client makes the patch keep getting bigger and bigger lol


Sneak peek: Skill reset and color/colorless sockets

First post of the year! o.o everyone having a fun new year? no? ok.

Today i’ll show you some things i’ve found on unreleased items, first…

^I’m sure some people still remembers that unknown Skill reset, had no idea what it was for so i thought it would be a focus reset… well it’s not, it’s a -temporary- skill reset.

Skill Reset [Temporary] (lasts 3 or 7 days)
An item that resets your Skill Points as many times as you like within the defined period. Once the defined period is over, the Character’s Skills will resume their original setting before using the item.

So yeah, no focus reset and i’m glad to be it like this (besides, if it wasn’t like this the level up cash item would be almost useless). Depending on the price of this item could be useful to test diferent builds before using a normal reset or just a temporary change to fool around.

Now the especific color sockets:

Red Gem Socket
An item that can be activated with a Red Gem Socket. Right-click to obtain.

Blue Gem Socket
An item that can be activated with a Blue Gem Socket. Right-click to obtain.

Yellow Gem Socket
An item that can be activated with a Yellow Gem Socket. Right-click to obtain.

Green Gem Socket
An item that can be activated with a Green Gem Socket. Right-click to obtain.

These descriptions are kinda vague so not sure what they do, add a color socket to an item? or maybe remove a gem of that especific color from one of the sockets? in any case, it’s highly probable for these items to be on the cash shop, just like the Colorless Socket Converter. Now you are asking what’s that?

Colorless Socket Converter
An item that alters a Gem Socket by converting it into a Colorless Socket allowing any colored gem to be used in that piece of equipment. Removes any gem currently in the selected socket. Right-click to use.

This item is going to be so overpriced… D:

An small warning for players from the PWE server (Raids)

If you are planing to get any of the epics from Altar or Dead Man´s Valley, do it now. People was complaining about the drop rate but once the Altar and DMV clovis are released it will be even harder.
When this was changed i didn’t know where they droped but now i know, blood modes. So, basically if you want to get into Altar and DMV it goes like this:
1. Farm clovis on vh to enter blood mode (or buy on cash shop).
2. Farm Altar and DMV clovis on blood mode.
3. You can now use them on the raids.

Altar clovis can be found on:
-Quarantined Labs
-Debtor’s Prison

DMV clovis can be found on:
-The Hole
-Top Secret Facility
-Opera House


Lastly, these clovis can’t be purchased on the cash shop and they can be sold at the shop for 8.000 and 10.000 gold each.

Sneak Peek: Roselle’s unreleased costumes

Aaaaand… Roselle costumes ;D i’ve also updated Leila and Meilin costumes with some new ones, so make sure you check them here:

Sneak peek: Christmas costumes 2012

Japan has shown the costumes for this year, but since only the four main characters are available in their version i’m sure there is a lot of people who wants to see the costumes for the avatars…

Here they are 😀 (click for a bigger image)





Same as always, better quality ingame.