I’ve decided…

To quit.

It’s been around half year since i stopped to play, wasn’t sure if to quit or come back but the more the time passed the less i wanted to play Rusty Hearts again. It’s nothing really important, i just got bored of the game and right now i would play anything else rather than come back. I can’t say for sure i won’t come back someday, but the chances of that happening are like for me to win the lottery lol.

This means i won’t post anything else here (more or less the same on the PWE forum, don’t think i’ll post much or anything there unless it’s some kind of randomness), also i won’t delete or change anything from the blog just in case anyone wants to check it for any reason. Same for the youtube channel, i’ll leave those few vids i uploaded there.

I don’t think there is anything else to say… oh yeah, don’t bother to ask for items or money because i quit, if you want something go get it on your own or from someone else :/

So, for any of the current players or new ones to come, hope you have fun on the game in any way you see fitting (but don’t break any rules xD).


5 responses to “I’ve decided…

  1. Sad to see you leave, I liked you for your individual value and the way you addressed things, you’ll be truly missed Gabo, you are a really cool guy, hope to see you come back.

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