Japan update (18-04-2013)

Sega has updated their game with new content, this includes:

-Level cap raised to 45.
-New skills up to lvl 45.
-Barracks town area.
-New dungeons: “Opera House, Gallery, Ramparts, Catwalks, Room of Chaos, Forgotten City”.

Cash shop has been updated, been some time since i last checked so some of these things are from some days ago:

-Uniform costumes (except Leila’s), you can see them here https://rustyinfo.wordpress.com/2013/02/27/uniform-costumes/
-Clovis of Altar, can be buyed individualy (unlike the normal clovis) with bonus cash.
-Enhanced level up package (7 and 30 days), it gives this when used:
30% experience increase.
Unlimited item carry weight.
Equipment higher of +3 levels can be carried.
+3 enchant to the equiped items.
+3 slots in auction house.
Discount of half the price to repair fees.
3 consumables of 300 stamina recovery.


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