Announced the date of the last closed beta for chinese server

Will be on May 8th and the beta keys have started to be given, that’s all xD


Rusty Hearts Japan servers merged and more

Just today the servers Grimoire and Faust where merged into Alcudia (literal translation from Google, maybe Arcadia?). All data like auction, guilds, pvp rankings, etc has been migrated, characters with the same name where modified with temporary names and given a free renaming contract, same for guilds but it’s needed to contact support to change to the desired name.

Diferent events:
-A new bogo event like the usuals has started with extra socket punchers when buying them in the cash shop.

-Ladder pvp event, will have 2 stages, top 10 winners in the ranking on each stage will gain the title BREAKERZ (Physical Attack +150, +150 Magic Attack, +5% critical rate), everyone else who participates will obtain 50 wiseman stones.

-Golden Week event, players who log in will gain free items everyday (revival scrolls, colorful gem boxes, warehouse summon, +50 agument stones), the ones who log in 10 consecutive days will have a chance to gain one of the 30 free skill resets.

-Another bogo wich gives a magic chest of change for costumes when buying random boxes with the following new costumes:

Lastly, a bulletin board has been added to the game website.

Fishing & farming systems and equipment

-First fishing:

For this you need to buy a fishing rod from Gustav or Henry, then baits. The baits can be buyed from the same 2 NPC or get them from random drops from monsters in blood modes, there are baits with diferent level ranges and 2 types of each, one type of bait is used every 10 seconds and the other every 7 (no idea if they have the same chances for the items).
Veranda blood mode drops a special type of bait and fishing gives steel, leather, linen, wiseman stones, consumable fish item to recover hp, seeds and mineral water.


For farming you’ll need seeds and mineral water from fishing, each item has diferent levels up to 6. It’s as simple as to plant the seed and use mineral water of the same level until it grows, higher level seeds needs more water.
I’m not sure about this but i think each level can give a diferent set of items, so far i’ve found potions in the lvl 1 seeds, buff scrolls on lvl 2, decent mithril/beroa/silky yarn on lvl 3 and baits at lvl 4.

-About equipments, the Estel raid equipment now has set buffs:


The set increases physical/magic damage and critical power.

-Match weapons:


Match, the NPC from the cemetery is also placed in the garden used for farming. He can craft epic weapons using Estel weapons and enhacement cubes, i still haven’t found where to get these cubes but since he’s in the garden it’s posible for that item to be obtainable through farming.
The weapons are just like Estel weapons with higher stats and no set buffs, so it’s a good choice to use with Estel’s raid armors.