New NPC/system changes

Several NPC trade or craft new items, it goes like this.

-Gorgon, he crafts now weapons like Estel, they have the same stats and options set except the fixed buffs, these buffs increase the party’s members physical and magical damage!


As you can see the buff is around half of Estel’s weapons but in a party of 4 players with these weapons…

-Estel and Gorgon weapons can craft weapons up to lvl 55.

-Alchemy jars have been removed from the misc shop, now they are craftable with the jewel shards found from the monsters in blood modes and have a lvl limit (you can’t use a jar 20 for equipment with more than lvl 20).

-New jewels can be crafted in the misc shop, these ones only drop from the bosses at raids.

-Estel now trades raid boss jewels for new equipment:



The weapons have fixed options of 2% with a status chance when attaking (couldn’t translate the effects), the armor have 100% chance to give a buff (?) for 5 seconds, these buffs are things like attack speed, damage, etc increase.

-Johanna trades special stones for equipment like the ones at Forgotten City or Catacomb (lvl 52 for unique and lvl 53 for epic):



-Tokens can be now traded for random boxes (haven’t got any so i don’t know what they give) and “animal” costumes (bear, bunny, shark, etc). The costumes are crafted at Unoa:




-A new challenge system has been added for now there are only a few rewards:



Basically it proposes optional quests and if you complete them you get the rewards.

-Voucher random boxes have been added to Elma up to King Vouchers type, these boxes give materials to craft the usual, Fabric Imbued with Magic and clovis. The clovis are the ones for blood modes and wich ones you get depends on the boxes buyed.



-Second and third skill bars:

Sin título10

The second bar can be set to use pressing the keys, or both can be used on “automatic”. When set on automatic, after using lets say skill on key A, it will enter on cooldown and the next skill set in the second bar will replace it. If the second skill is used then the third takes place and if the first one finishes recovering it’s the one that will be used when pressing A again even if the other 2 skills aren’t in cooldown.


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