Japan Update (14-03-2013)

With today’s update Japan has added a new avatar character, Edgar and the 8 player raid Altar.

The training dungeon Toy Tower with the gem extractors have been added too, for more about this check here https://rustyinfo.wordpress.com/2012/12/18/korean-update-18-12-2012/

And lastly, the cash shop has new random costume boxes with the Light Flame set:


8 responses to “Japan Update (14-03-2013)

  1. How do you download the Japan Client?
    Also, what’s the file size for the client (with patches if possible, if lol)
    I’m trying to re-download the PWE’s RH, might as well move if..
    1.Japan’s filesize is smaller
    2.Avatar characters are free (only some are fine)
    3.English patch are available? I guess

    • You need a VPN for both download and play in Japan server.
      1. The size should be around the same (been some time since i last downloaded it) but the patch updates can be resumed.
      2. No Leila in Japan yet, but the avatars are free.
      3. No english patch that i’m aware of.

      • Is there any VPN you recommend? Because my net is slow yuh >.> lol
        As in, I’m not so sure I would be playing without lag while having a VPN on the whole time (have never actually did it anyway)

      • Dopost: How do you even download it anyway?
        I should’ve my VPN up right now, but somehow I can’t download it. D8
        It gives me this on Opera:
        The remote server refuses to perform the request. This address is not available.
        What did I do wrong? 😐

          • In the end, PWE’s Rusty Hearts totally failed on me for the manual patches. e.e
            So yeah, I finally registered my ID. How do I know I’m logged in so I can download the downloader? Or can you help me by uploading your downloader? o.o

            • You only need to try to download it. If you are already logged you’ll download it, if not it will ask to log in and after that you can download. Remember to use the VPN or the download won’t start.

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