Rusty Hearts x Shining Ark

Sega has released new exclusive costumes for the Japanese server, they are a crossover with the PSP/Vita game Shining Ark.
For those curious about the game here is the link to the official Japanese web:

The costumes can be obtained with random boxes in the cash shop.


Melty Hearts votation results are out

During Valentine there was a votation event to see the most loved female npc on Japan and it ended like this:

#1 Pamela 21.7%
#2 Melanie 21.4%
#3 April 19.6%
#4 Girl (Rebeca) 6.4%
#5 Unoa 5.7%
#6 Amelia 5.1%
#7 Nadia 5%
#8 Kate 4.3%
#9 Poison 3.3%
#10 Elma 3.1%
#11 Rose 1.1%
#12 Rosetta 0.8%
#13 Gina 0.7%
#13 Johanna 0.7%
#15 Estel 0.6%
#16 Winger 0.4%
#17 Patricia 0.1%

Players who voted for the first 3 girls won some random Valentine’s boxes and titles (i think xD). To avoid players voting the same ones to get the gifts the progress of the votations were unknown until today.

Pamela also got some wallpapers for pc and cell phone:

Uniform costumes

Korea has released a new cash costume package with 3 diferent color versions of it, here the pcitures:

Personaly, i don’t like them very much, but there are some parts that would be interesting to combine with other costumes.

3rd Raid released!

The 3rd raid (Castle of Black Mist in EU/NA server) has been released on Korea. Like i said on the patch notes i can’t show you how looks the dungeon like, so you’ll have to wait for someone else to post a video on youtube or images somewhere else :/

-To enter this dungeon you need to be lvl 50 and a new clovis like the ones for ALtar and Dead Man’s Valley, these clovis can be found on the blood modes of Ramparts, Catwalks, Aquarium and Altar’s Entrance.

-Monsters are lvl 50, 52 amd 53.

-Out of the 49 monster types of this dungeon (including the bosses) only 6 have no resistances to elements. The rest have resistance to all, high resistance to all in the case of 2 bosses, the rest has resistance to all elements with 1 weakness and 1 immunity for each element, and the last dungeon boss (called Hortense head lol) has resistance to all and immunity vs light and darkness.
EDIT: The immunity for the dungeon boss was wrong and i made a list with the amount of monsters that resist each element.

-Dungeon Boss is immune to Poison and Lighning and resistant to everything else.

-Amount of Bosses immune to,

Light 0
Dark 1
Earth 0
Water 0
Fire 0
Wind 0
Poison 1
Lighning 2

-Amount of Minibosses immune to,

Light 2
Dark 2
Earth 2
Water 2
Fire 2
Wind 2
Poison 2
Lighning 2

*All bosses and minibosses are weak against the oposite element they are immune, and resistant to all other elements.

-2 Minibosses with high resistance to all elements.
-2 miniboss with resistance to all elements.
-1 Miniboss with no resistances.
-18 normal monsters with resistance to all elements.
-3 normal monsters with no resistances.
-2 champion monsters with no resistances.

-For weapons, the Soul Catalyst series can be found in this raid, first type is physical with defense ignore and the second type has 80% water elemental damage conversion.

-Armors are the same as DMV except the set options, meaning higher base defense and damage on the fixed options and the full set gives +800 MP, +1000 HP and +10% elemental damage increase.

-Like the other raids, the epic equipment from the 3rd can’t be traded.

Korean update (27-02-2013)

Here are the patch notes for today:

“2월 27일 업데이트 안내 드립니다.

1. 검은 안개성 신규 던전 오픈 (레이드3)
– 안개성 클라비스 소모하여 진입이 가능합니다.
2. 안개성 클라비스 드랍
– 발코니 섹터1, 극장 섹터2, 수족관 섹터1, 제단 입구 던전에서 드랍 (블러드모드)
3. 교복 패키지 추가
– 3가지 색상별 교복 패키지 판매


스타일리시 액션 MORPG! 러스티하츠!”


“Updated guidance on February 27.

1 Black bland new dungeons open (Reid)
Individuality client services consumed by the entry.
2 Individuality client service drop
– Balcony sector, theater sector 2, Sector 1, the altar, the entrance to the aquarium in the dungeon drop (Blood)
3 Uniforms package added
– Three color-coded uniforms package sales

Thank you.

Stylish action MORPG! Rusty Hearts!”

Don’t have any lvl 50 character so i can’t show how’s the new raid, still, will make a couple posts about it and the new costumes on the cash shop :/