Love arrives to Korea (?)

The Valentine’s event is live on Korea starting today, this event is pretty much about farming items to trade for the Couple Costumes and special titles.

-To get them, players must run any dungeon and complete a new party mission. The reward is 1 pink crystal for each run and all dungeons always give 1 of them in all dificulties (in a party of 2 players). These crystals are traded at Poison in the town for the event items and they can also be traded with other players (meaning someone else can help you farm them).

-These are the costumes that can be traded for (none of them have shoes):

*Note: I don’t have an Edgar and to see his costume i need one at the Cathedral area, don’t feel like grinding one just for this and these costumes look the same on all characters so…

-And these are the titles that can be traded with crystals as well:

+100 HP/MP

+2% movement speed

+200 physical/magical defense

As you can see, these new titles give an animation effect above the character and they are also permanent.


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