Love arrives to Korea (?)

The Valentine’s event is live on Korea starting today, this event is pretty much about farming items to trade for the Couple Costumes and special titles.

-To get them, players must run any dungeon and complete a new party mission. The reward is 1 pink crystal for each run and all dungeons always give 1 of them in all dificulties (in a party of 2 players). These crystals are traded at Poison in the town for the event items and they can also be traded with other players (meaning someone else can help you farm them).

-These are the costumes that can be traded for (none of them have shoes):

*Note: I don’t have an Edgar and to see his costume i need one at the Cathedral area, don’t feel like grinding one just for this and these costumes look the same on all characters so…

-And these are the titles that can be traded with crystals as well:

+100 HP/MP

+2% movement speed

+200 physical/magical defense

As you can see, these new titles give an animation effect above the character and they are also permanent.


Snake Pattern costumes

New cash shop costumes have been added to the game, and some of them looks really good, they are sold oin diferent packages for each character and includes a title.

Korean update (30-01-2013)

Maintenance on Korea with some changes to the game:

“1월 30일 업데이트 안내 드립니다.

[1월 30일 업데이트 안내]
1. 뱀무늬 패키지 판매 시작
2. 기존 활성석 40Lv, 50Lv 단위로 되어 있는 것을 40Lv, 45Lv, 50Lv으로 세분화
3. 모든 1등급 아이템 연급술사의 항아리 사용 불가능하게 수정
4. 보스 HP 상향, 속성 저항 상향
– 야외정원1, 감옥섹터1, 야외 식물원 섹터2, 감옥섹터2, 극장섹터1, 갤러리, 발코니섹터1, 극장섹터2
수족관섹터1, 제단입구, 발코니섹터2, 왕의 무덤, 잊혀진도시, 미로정원(해당던전들에 모든난이도 상향)
5. 발렌타인 이벤트 시작

[수정 사항]
1. 계정창고 이용 가능(획득시 귀속 아이템과, 착용시 귀속 아이템은 계정창고에 넣을 수 없습니다)
2. 결투장 아이스 장비 구매시 아이템 랭크 무조건 1등급으로 나오게 수정
3. 나타샤 샤프넬 레인 스킬 결투장에서 사용 불가능 하도록 수정
4. 나타샤 화염병 스킬 공중에서 사용할 경우 AP 한반 소비 되도록 수정
5. 프란츠 소드 타입 핸드 오브 헬 결투장 사용이 가능하도록 수정
6. 프란츠 도끼 타입 아머 브레이크 스킬 지속시간 5초로 감소(스킬 Lv 상관없이 모두 5초)
7. 프란츠 트윈소드 타입 피어스 랜스 스킬 툴팁 수정(피어스랜스 사용시 AP 반칸 소비)
8. 안젤라 사이드 타입 스킬 아이스 블레이드 막기시 스킬이 안써지는 현상 수정
9. 극장 섹터1 미니맵이 정상적으로 교체 되지 않던 문제 수정
10. 제라드 백작(4) 로즈를 만나라 에서 로즈방에서 움직이지 못하였던 현상 수정
11. 아이템 링크기 되지 않던 부분 수정



“Provides updated guidance on January 30.

Guide] [Updated January 30
1 Started selling snake pattern package
2 Existing seats 40Lv, 50Lv active unit is subdivided into 40Lv, 45Lv, 50Lv
3 Impossible to modify the jar of all Class 1 items annuities shaman
4 Boss HP upward, upward resistance properties
Outdoor garden, and prison sectors Outdoor Botanical Garden, Sector 1, 2, prison sector, the theater sector, gallery, balcony sector, theater sector
Aquarium Sector 1, the entrance to the altar, balcony sector 2, the tomb of the king, the forgotten city, a maze garden (all the dungeons difficulty upward)
5 Valentine’s event to start

1 Available in Account Warehouse (Binds Binds when picked up items, and items be put on the account warehouse)
2 Rank orders of items cartel Ice Equipment come to the Unconditional Class 1 modification
3 Natasha Sharp, Nell Lane skill used in the duel impossible to modify
4 Modified to Natasha Molotov cocktails skill in the air if you use AP peninsula consumption
5 Frantz Sword Hand of Hell cartel type can be modified to
6 Franz armor ax type brake skill duration reduced to 5 seconds (Skill Lv, regardless of all of 5 seconds)
7 Franz Twin Sword type Pierce Lance skill tooltips Fix (Pierce Lance using AP bankan consumption)
8 Angela prevent Type Ice Blade skill at written skills Fixed-Side
9 Theatre Sector 1 is not normally replace the minimap Fixed problem of
10 Fixed Gerard Earl Rose (4) Meet in the Rose room to move and not had
11 Modify the item link was not part of

Thank you.”

-The most important changes/bug fixes on skills are for the Frantz characters. Armor Break debuff duretion has been nerfed to 5 seconds on all skill levels, spin attack from twin swords has been fixed and no longer can be abused to gain infinite animation cancels without using AP. And air recoveries AP conpsumption bug has been fixed, skills finally need AP to be used on the air.

-Another nice thing, the shared personal warehouse is back.


This was removed some time ago from the game but can be used again. This warehouse can be used as a normal one or to transfer items through characters from the same account (untradable items or binded can’t be stored in the shared warehouse).

Korean update (23-01-2013)

Today the Korean server got an update, here the patch notes:


1월 23일 업데이트 안내 드립니다.

[1월 23일 업데이트 안내]
1. 나타샤 전직 영상 추가
– 나타샤 전직 시 보이지 않던 전직 영상 추가
2. 운명의 탑 추가
– 병영캠프 서쪽 게이트에 위치한 Lv50 ~53 던전 추가
– Lv50 장신구 아이템 획득 가능 지역
3. 결투 포인트로 교환이 가능한 장비 아이템 추가
– 요하임 및 고곤 NPC를 통하여 교환 가능

[수정 사항]
1. 전 캐릭터 잡기 시 버프 슬롯에 있는 스킬을 사용할 수 없도록 수정
2. 토이타워를 플레이 포인트 0인 상태에서 플레이 할 수 있던 현상 수정
3. 간헐적으로 망자의 함이 나타나지 않던 현상 수정
4. 우편 대금 청구 금액이 기재되지 않던 현상 수정
5. 1급 길드원이 길드 레벨업을 진행할 수 있는 현상 수정
6. 일부 잘못 보여지는 이펙트 현상 수정
7. 룬추출키트로 장신구 부위의 룬이 추출되지 않던 현상 수정
8. 경매장 검색이 되지 않던 현상 수정


스타일리시 액션 MORPG! 러스티하츠!”

Google says:

Rusty Hearts.

Provides updated guidance on January 23.

Guide] [Updated January 23
1 Natasha, a former video added
Former, add video – unseen Natasha former
2 Top of fate add
Barracks camp located on the west gate Lv50 ~ 53 dungeons added
Obtainable – Lv50 jewelry items area
3 Duel points to exchange additional equipment items
Joachim and gogon NPC can be exchanged through the

1 Modified so that skills can be used in the buff slot before catching character when
2 Toy tower was able to play in the play point 0 Fixed
3 Fixed Dead Man’s Chest did not appear intermittently
4 Fixed-mail billing amount was not listed
5 Fixed guild level up Level 1 guild can proceed
6 Effects Fixed some incorrectly shown
7 Fixed Rune Rune Extraction Kit areas of jewelry was not extracted
8 Phenomenon auction house search did not modify

Thank you.

Stylish action MORPG! Rusty Hearts!”

As always a quite confuse translation xD

-Anyway, the Tower of Destiny has been added to the game. I don’t have any character with lvl 50 on Korea so i can’t show how it is :/


Like i thought this is a new training dungeon and it’s located west of the Training Camp area along the other training dungeons. It’s for levels 50 to 53 so players with the current max level will be able to enter, it don’t requires any kind of item to enter and the level 50 accessories are available in it.

-Another thing are the new pvp rewards, old ones where removed so if by any chance you want them you better get the equipment before this update.



As you can see, the new PVP equipment has extremely low durability, this makes these items useless on PVE but not on PVP were equipment don’t breaks. If a player were to add some blue durability gems they could be used on PVE, but any other normal weapon would be better for that.
There are PVP equipment from level 20 to 50 every 10 levels with a rare and an unique version for each weapon and armor. Weapons have a fixed option of x% all elemental damage increase (5% for level 50 unique weapons) and armor have the +10/20/30 elemental resistance set option and +x% to HP/MP (5% for each of the level 50 unique armor pieces).

Something i really like from the weapons are their looks:


They are translucent! on the screenshot can’t be seen very well, but you can see a bit through the weapon.

-I have no idea what’s about that Natasha part, maybe a video of Natasha’s past story was added to the game?

-The last thing worth to mention about this patch would be this:


Yep, looks like the third raid, Castle of Black Mist will be released soon. Still it’s not know when will happen but looks like it won’t take much longer.

Japan update (15-01-2013)

An update has been announced for Japan server, things that will be added to the game:

-New Avatar Roselle.
-Lvl cap increase to 40 (with skills of course).
-Dungeons and quests until Top Secret Facility.
-Cash shop update.

The normal would be for Roselle to be a cash item for now since the server only has a few months of life. But it will be interesting to see how long it takes until it becomes free like on Korea with all the avatars or EU/NA with Leila and Edgar.

Edit: in the end it’s not required to buy Roselle’s creator at the cash shop, she is free for all players.