Japan Rusty Hearts is now full service!

And with it a new trailer has been made:

Now, patch notes:


•クリスマスイベント「雪明りのFun Fun Night!」開始



After Google:

“Content maintenance

Events and campaigns
• Purchase the start of the campaign VC
• Start a new registration campaign
• only available for a limited time beginning Avatar “Xmas Fiesta Silver” item catalog
• Start “Fun Fun Night! Snow light” Christmas event
• WebMoney start campaign

• Adding a playable character “Natasha”
• release of the mode “Blood” mode New
• Start VC shops sell items at an additional cost
• a total of 4 slots open character slot
• Implement the synthesis rune

Bug Fix
• In the numeric input fields of the auction, modified to be able to switch key characters / em]
• When you delete / create characters, even if they do not confirm with [Enter] key to input content, so that you can confirm with button modification / delete character creation
• In the event scene, the entire map is modified so that it does not appear
• When you start the game from the Cathedral area, fixes a bug that could not go to training underground parking”

*Bug list has been updated as well*

Some events have kicked in too:

-Cash event:
(13-12-2012 to 10-1-2013) New campaign for anyone who buys Vampire Coins, 100 players will randomly choosen to win 1000 VC.
(Until 27-12-2012) Anyone that buys 3000 VC will get 10 colorful gem boxes in the next maintenance.

-Registration campaign:
(13-12-2012 to 10-1-2013) Anyone who registers a new account will obtain a +300 stamina recovery item.

-Christmas event:
(13-12-2012 to 27-12-2012)

Monsters randomly drop Snow Crystals, they are traded at Poison in town for boxes, they can give buff food, a Christmas title, Snowman hat and materials needed to exchange for the Christmas weapons. When using the event items the character can use the emotes “Tree” and “Snowman”.

The cash shop is now open! you can find a list of the items sold in it here:


They have one of the new cash packages, the costume buff change and the character slot increase.

Of course, Christmas costumes have been added too, last years and… new ones for this year! to get them players need to buy random box costumes in the cash shop.

(Screenshoots from Sega website)

frantz1 frantz2
angela1 angela2
tude1 tude2
natasha1 natasha2


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