Rusty Hearts Japan open beta starts!

Today the open beta for Japan server has started, sega website has been “renewed” as well

Not happy with just that, Sega has also changed Bramunez town appearance to the one used on christmas, also added the lvl 30 skills and the face tattos (maybe something else too?).



People who participated on the closed beta received a code for a 30 days time limit tittle and the ones to participate on the open beta registration campaign received a code for a cash level up package. Don’t forget to redeem the codes in the ingame coupon redeem option!


Currently there are 2 servers, Grimoire and Faust. I made my character on Faust (the second on the list) 😀
Tude is now an available character to play as well, and looks like Natasha will be next.
Sadly, the stamina system is still there and most probably will remain like in the Korean server.


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