A bit of info on the open beta Japan and Korea

An announcement has been made about the open beta from the Japan server, it will last from 6-12-2012 to 13-12-2012, the registration for it is open and anyone interested in register can check this post:

The content added to this phase of the game will be:
1. Character Tude.
2. Lvl cap increase to 30.
3. Skills up to lvl 30.
4. Church town area and new dungeons.

To that, players will receive a package that will contain:
10% extra Exp gained (7 days)
Unlimited inventory weight (7 days)
+3 upgrade to the equiped weapon (7 days)
20 HP powerfull HP&MP potions
4 colorfull gem boxes

Now for Korea only a small note, with the last maintenance a skill reset was aplied to all the server because of the new lvl 30 skills from the last update.


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