Korean “micro” update

Tomorrow there will be a server maint with a really small update on korea:

러스티하츠 입니다.
한가위 추석 선물의 깜짝 이벤트인 블러드모드의 클라비스 소모가
익일 정기점검을 통하여 종료 됩니다.
패치후에는 블러드모드가 클라비스를 다시 소모하게 되는 점 참고 부탁드립니다.
10월 10일 업데이트 안내 드립니다.

[10월 10일 업데이트 안내]
1. 해적 코스튬 랜덤 박스 추가
2. 유물 보관소 재오픈

[수정 사항]
1. 이계 진입 가능하도록 수정


스타일리시 액션 MORPG! 러스티하츠!”

Mr. Google says:

Rusty Hearts.
Chuseok holiday gift surprise events of Blood mode of client service consumption
Will be shut down the next day through periodic inspections.
Blood mode again consuming client service after the patch, thank you.
Updated guidance on October 10.

[GUIDE] Update October 10
1 Add Random Box pirate costume
2 Relics re-open storage

1 Commandment entry can be modified to

Thank you.

Stylish action MORPG! Rusty Hearts!”

The pirate costumes will be added 😀 the pirate and wedding costumes are my fav for Leila, can’t wait for them to be released on our version.

I’m not sure what means the second point but i it’s either that the mausoleum arena is open again (on korea this dungeon is closed right now), or something to do with the warehouse guilds.

And absolutely no idea on the 3rd point xD maybe a diferent way to access the town from the private room? we we’ll see tomorrow…


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