Korean Halloween event extended

Today an small maintenace to upgrade the server stability in Korea has been aplied.
The Halloween event has been announced to be extended as well. The original duration was from October 17th to 31th, now it will last until November 14th.

Almost 1 month of Halloween o.o


The new cash shop packs (?)

I wasn’t sure we would get these packs from the Korean version since they had it since long ago and PWE never mentioned any change on them, until now. It’s been confirmed by suMMations that the Extreme Booster Pack won’t be back, most probably that means we will be getting the Korean packs and the current ones will be removed from the game.
I’ve translated the 3 current cash packs from korea, no idea how much will they cost since that will be for PWE to decide:

Enhanced level up package (?)

30 days of duration

Exp Bonus +50.00%
Increases inventory weight limit
Enables use of items equal to your level +5
Increases weapon upgrade effect +3
Extra Auction Slots: +5
Repair costs reduced by +50.00%

Powerful HP recovery potion 100
Powerful MP recovery potion 100

Golden rhythm advertised package (?)

Summon Personal warehouse 100
Skill Point Reset 1
Play 500P save one point (recovers 500 stamina, useless in PWE version)
Powerful HP recovery potion 50
Powerful MP recovery potion 50
Resurrection Scroll (bundle of 10) 1

Limited Edition Package IV (?)

Colorful Gem Box 200
Gem Socket punch 50
Magic Chest of Change 50
Powerful HP recovery potion 100
Powerful MP recovery potion 100

The names of the packages are a rough translation made with google, but the items are good.

From what it looks like, certainly the Extreme Booster Pack won’t be back, but cash users will still be able to buy the same things on diferent packages now.

Rusty Hearts Japan closed beta registration ended

Not much to say about this, today the aplications for the Rusty Hearts closed beta of the japanese server has ended. Only 10000 players will get in and they’ll be confirmed shortly.

Also judging by the screenshots on the new annoucement looks like the japanese server will start at least from around the Reborn (PWE) – Evolution (Windysoft) updates.

The third raid

So many things lately… here is the map for the to be released third raid:

Along with this there are some maps for other dungeons:

Tower of Fate (not posting this one since it’s too simple, just an almost circular room for each floor)

Shatered Altar (at first i thought this one was going to be the third raid, but i was wrong)

Toy Tower

minigame map

Some of those maps were in the game since some time ago but here they are.

Something off-topic: I’ve updated the image pack and wallpapers in the download page with the new loading in-game images, make sure to download it again if you want them but got the old pack ;D

Future things to be added to the game, round 2!

Some of you may remeber this post: https://rustyinfo.wordpress.com/2012/09/28/future-items-to-be-added-to-the-game/

Well, here is an small continuation with new icons of things not released yet!

First some random stuff:

Magician pet

Unkown Ether of Change 1

Unkown Ether of Change 2

OMG! is that the legendary afro??!!!

The afros of Light & Darkness

And now the juicy stuff… guild skill icons:

Right now i have no idea what those skills do, so you’ll have to live with only that xD