New titles, Shrine of Eternity and a couple minor changes (KR)

With the update from some days ago new titles have been added along with new daily missions. To get those titles you must first gather a certain amount of Unknown Token, they rank from lvl 1 to lvl 5 depend on wich dungeon area you obtain them. These daily missions can only be done with a party of at least 3 players minimum, once per day and they constist on clearing the dungeon you select in less than 10 minutes.

The Unknown Tokens are traded to Henry and they give +x physical/magic damage and +x% critical power:

3 x Unknown Token lvl 1

5 x Unknown Token lvl 2

15 x Unknown Token lvl 3

15 x Unknown Token lvl 4

20 x Unknown Token lvl 5



Shrine of Eternity has been changed a bit now too, at floor 10 it gives this title:

(+30 to water and fire resistance)

Also starting from floor 20 on every 10 floors a boss will appear:
Floor 20, Sinful Seraph

Floor 30, Massive Mole

Those bosses drop cash shop potions that restores 20% HP or MP, i guess that on higher floors the rewards are better.

Another thing changed in the game would be the distribution of items when in party, it don’t happens with all the items but right now there are some items that when a player picks it the roulete won’t display and will be given to a random player directly. Instead of the roulete, right of the bar of the player who gets the item an icon will apear:

The player this the icon is the one who gets the item.

Also, the patch notes mentioned a change on the sound effect when completing a quest, this is the new one:

Quest Completed!

I like much better the old one…


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