Future items to be added to the game

Checking on this thread http://rustyhearts-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=244461 i noticed most of the people are asking for new items that give you things like instant lvl ups, +20 enchant kits, etc.
So i’ll post some items that are already inside the game and will come on the future (it is unknown when):

Dragon pet 2012

Fighter pet

Healer pet

Skill reset (maybe this one resets the focus as well)

Cash Title (maybe let’s you choose a custom title name)

Cash Prefix (like Cash Title but with equipment prefixes?)

Cash Level (this one is prety obvious)

Cash enchant (to raise stats on cash costumes i guess?

Cash Down

Rune extraction (yep, what some people kept askeing about, a gem remove item)

Rebirth Party scroll (like resurrection scrols but for all the party)

Twin Pet (to be able to use 2 pets at the same time)

Pet Charge (maybe to heal the hp/mp from pets or raise their stats?)

+20 Weapon enchant kit (there is an enchant kit for each upgrade from +1 to +20)

+20 Armor enchant kit (just like Weapon enchant)

Character Slot Creation (to make more alts lol)

Remember that these items have yet to be released, so their uses are just my opinion.


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