The new emotes for all characters on Korea


Tese all all the new emotes except 1 from Roselle, it is bugged and doesn’t display anything.


Rusty Hearts papercraft fanart

Another fanart from the forums from long ago, but i could not posibly skip to post it here. This time is about papercraft, this is made making 3D models from a figure and separate it on diferent parts to later print and asemble with glue, the more “3D” a figure is the more parts/time/patience needed to assemble is required.

Said this, here is ConvexAndConcave (nick: koldhearted on Rusty Hearts forum) papercraft gallery:


Just thinking about the amount of effort he put on these figures i can faint xD

Rusty Hearts custom car fanart

It’s been on the forums since long ago, but this so awesome that i had to post it:

In there the player hisamihd has posted some car footage from the game Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed of his own modded cars of Natasha and Meilin.



I don’t like racing games but this is an awesome job made by hisamihd, i wonder if he will continue making more cars like those for any other characters of Rusty Hearts 😀

Rusty Hearts (EU/NA) magic chest of change bogo

The sale will last during:

Sale Start Day and Time: 5pm PDT/ 8pm Eastern September 26/ 2am EU
Sale End Day and Time: 12am PDT (midnight)/ 3am Eastern/ 9am EU

During this time if you buy 1 MMC you get another free, if you buy 10 MMC you’ll get 10 for free.

I recomend to buy them now if you can’t wait for it, otherwise it would be better to wait for the next update in wich MCC will be available to farm throgh Wanted Board quests every 2 hours.

Rusty Hearts special character fonts

Ever wanted to study the Nomi language? or wanted to write powerfull spells using Rusty Hearts magic runes? no need to worry anymore, with these fonts you’ll be able to do so:



Just download and install them and you’ll be able to write in Rustyan (?) language.